Permanent Installation

With Holiday Light Solution, experience the enduring brilliance of permanent light installations tailored to elevate your space year-round. Our expert team meticulously designs and installs lighting fixtures to enhance both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your property, ensuring lasting beauty and ambiance.

Safe & Professional Installation

Holiday Light Solution prioritizes safety and professionalism in every aspect. Our skilled team carefully plans and carries out installations, following top industry practices and safety standards. Trust us for your lighting project, guaranteeing a secure and spectacular outcome each time.

Never Have to Put Up Lights Again

Say farewell to the yearly hassle of hanging and taking down lights – relish vibrant and captivating colors all year with minimal upkeep. Discover the Minleon permanent holiday lights powered by Meshtek. These top-notch, long-lasting lights revolutionize traditional setups with a selection of 16 million colors, various effects, and scheduling options to tailor your displays for your home or commercial building.

First Year Service Contract Included

Customer satisfaction is paramount, which is why we offer complimentary service calls to ensure your lighting installation remains flawless throughout the season. Our dedicated team is just a phone call away, ready to promptly address any issues or concerns, ensuring your display continues to shine bright without any interruptions.

Permanent Lighting Solutions

Permanent lighting from Holiday Light Solution offers a timeless solution to enhance your property’s aesthetic appeal and functionality year-round. With durable fixtures and expert installation, it provides convenience, security, and a welcoming ambiance that perfectly complements your lifestyle.

Our Lights Are Unique

Discover Holiday Light Solution distinctive lighting approach, where lights point outwards, minimizing track visibility, unlike the common downward placement. Our systems, featuring Minleon, Rainman, and Meshtek technologies, are meticulously designed for seamless integration, with tracks matching the color of gutter fascia boards to blend in seamlessly. A Bluetooth app is available to control over 16 million colors, patterns, and pre-programmed effects for dynamic movement. Our innovative lighting options redefine brilliance while maintaining a sleek, unobtrusive aesthetic. Experience the difference today.

Our Permanent Lighting Gallery

Step into a world of illuminated beauty with Holiday Light Solution gallery showcasing our completed permanent light installations. Explore a stunning array of meticulously crafted lighting designs that enhance both residential and commercial spaces, showcasing our commitment to excellence and innovation. Let these captivating displays inspire your next lighting project with us.

Permanent Installation FAQ

Are you licensed and insured?

We are proud to be fully licensed with the State of Oregon Contractors 245523 and construction board for permanent lighting. Moreover, we provide comprehensive insurance coverage including workers comp and general liability, ensuring your peace of mind while enjoying our exceptional seasonal lighting services.

How long will the LED's last?

RGB-LED’s in a perfect world, pretty much run forever, though over time the light output will slowly get lower. Most LED’s have about the same specs for hours, which is about 80% of initial brightness at 30,000 hours, and 70% around 50,000 hours. This is accurate for Minleon LED’s.

How long will the track last on my home?

The track is UV-coated PVC material. We adhere the track using 3m VBH tape on the underside of gutters and any facia boards we screw the track to the board.

Will the permanent lighting on my home cause an issue with an active home owner association?

Efforts have been made to ensure that the permanent lighting remains discreet from the street unless one knows where to look on a property. Standard HOA regulations usually specify that seasonal lighting should be up and taken down within approximately 30 days of each holiday. Holiday Light Solution offers a comprehensive spreadsheet listing various holidays and their corresponding color schemes, aiming to assist HOAs in avoiding any complications.

What is the warranty for the installation, LED's, and firmware updates?

The Holiday Light Solution warranty lasts for one year from the installation date, covering the installation. The Minleons warranty is also valid for one year from the LED installation. Firmware for Meshtek is updated two to three times a year. Holiday Light Solution will include the first year one-time firmware update and service call. After the first year, a service contract can be signed. Please let us know if you are interested in the service contract after the first year.

Will the lights add value to my home?

While not a guaranteed value-add, having permanent LED lights in a home can be appealing to buyers who seek a ready-to-enjoy space. In case a buyer prefers the lights removed, Holiday Light Solution is willing to negotiate with the homeowner regarding the removal cost.